Sunday, October 24, 2010


One follower reminded me that I have been remiss in posting, to put it mildly. While I have not posted in ages, the tango has been pursued and imbibed in full measure without pause. And to top it off, I have opened my bookstore LIBRERIA again.

Having a bookstore has always been a dream, and while it came true for awhile in 2004, I decided to close it down in 2006, reality came knocking and the store was not good for the pockets, mine at least.

So why open another one? Because every time I step into a bookshop, I remember the thrill of choosing which books to order for sale, and the fresh smell of a newly opened box of books. Because books provide a common ground to share, to discover and to build new friendships. Because a bookstore is a haven I hope to share with kindred spirits, and a home for fellow bookworms who love nothing more than the cozy embrace of books amid the smell of freshly brewed coffee. Because a bookstore is home to me.

The scheme is distressed white and caribbean sea blue. The floors are old duckpin bowling alley lanes complete with a motley set of fill-ins. There is a plump and welcoming 3-seater to accommodate readers and a folding cedar table in the middle for instant coffee talks and impromptu discussions.

The tango lives on, and if things go well, the upstairs could be another mini tango studio right above the bookstore.

Here's to living the dream... not just one but all of them!!!

If you are in the area, do drop by LIBRERIA Bookstore, Cubao Expo, Gen Romulo Ave, Araneta Center. Daily from 3pm up. Books, coffee and conversation await you.


  1. Hi, I found out that you re-opened only when I read an article in the Manila Bulletin about Libreria. Come monday I went to your store, unfortunately I didn't realise you didn't open 'til 3pm lol, my fault, I was just so excited :) I really liked your store in T.Morato. I have yet to return to Cubao, but next time I'll make sure I come back late afternoon and not on a Monday :) Welcome back and thank you for re-opening!

  2. I am so glad that a dream of mine was already made into a reality by someone. Ive always dreamed of having a bookstore and cafe rolled in one place. I cant wait to visit! I prolly will later! :)