Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Walking My Way Through

Yesterday's tango lesson focused on walking, walking, walking.

Back to the most basic move, walking to the music, walking in step with the beat, walking as natural as possible.

You are probably wondering: 5 months of tango lessons and it is back to walking. How poor a dancer is she? Hopefully not as slow a learner as I seem, as you will see.

Yesterday was all about walking again, but this walking was to be done two as one, without displacing weight or position, in step with the leader. Try that for size.

Walking and yet dancing. Walking as light as air, two distinct bodies as one. Walking around the floor, feeling that connection, knowing that after 5 months, I am walking as I tango, and I tango with just my walking.

Twisty and contradictory as that may sound, you've got to give it a try to understand.

Stretch that leg, push back and close. Other leg, stretch, back and close. Before you know it, you've traveled the dance floor walking, walking, walking to that sensuous tango beat.

And ain't that sweet. I think I finally learned to walk on tango feet.

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