Sunday, March 7, 2010

Picture! Picture!

Part of Saturday's lesson was watching my teacher's selected videos on the best performances of some of the best tango couples nowadays. From the humongous collection, we viewed about five great dance routines and I drooled.

But the intention was not merely to induce awe or envy, but rather to show me that every move must be with confidence, without hesitation, with gusto. The lesson on owning every move, on attacking every step as opposed to just doing the move, came up again.

This time around the more visual example of every move being picture worthy drove the point home.

In these parts as in most anywhere, having a picture taken requires putting one's best foot forward and one's best face or smile up there to be captured for all time. And that I understood without a doubt.

Looking at the videos, from the beginning before the play button is pushed, in whatever position the video had stopped, each of the couples looked picture perfect. Because each step, each move was made with gusto, with balance, in the spirit and in time with the music.

Picture! Picture! But rather than be conscious of the watching eyes or the flashing cameras, I understood the lesson as a wake up call: dance with everything you've got. And seeing the couples move, I went beyond drooling and found a new appreciation of what I have jumped head on in to.

It's not the knowing but the dancing that matters. Get into the dance, give it all you've got. That guarantees a picture that captures the heart of tango.


  1. I recently came across your blog and I really enjoyed reading about your tango experience. I could almost hear my maestro say, "pivot... balance... attack..." I'm glad that you love the dance. It's addictive, actually

  2. quite interesting... I was never told that in that way.