Monday, January 11, 2010

It's another Tango night...

For three hours, tango music dominates the playlist, and die-hards get to swirl and sway and seduce all they want.

I never thought it was possible or palatable to just keep dancing argentine tango for hours on end. Always thought it would get boring after the 3rd song. Ah, but I did not know much about the dance then.

From neophyte gawker to struggling student in 3 months, that is what I have become. I have had a train of teachers, from the dapper Dennis S to the easygoing John to the inspiring Dennis L, with lightning instructionals during milonga nights at Mia's from the pioneering Jun B and instructive insights watching Tango stalwarts Jun A and Cecile G. And while the men teach and encourage, it is watching the ladies do their thing that keeps me wanting to learn more.

Catch the tango fever at any of these haunts. Club Bureau on Makati Avenue on a Tuesday night. Encore at The Fort on a Monday night. And dance the night away any night of the week at Mia's Dance Cafe on Jupiter Street, Europa Dance Bar on Pasong Tamo, Bykes Cafe at Lancaster Hotel in Mandaluyong, Savanah Moon on C-5, Harmony on Annapolis Street in Greenhills, and the newest place, Rhythm of the Night at the Adriatico Circle.

More about tango nights, and dancing the night away...

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