Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Sunday of Rest

Four days of tango this week, and on Sunday I am given a rest.

It is all quiet in Sinabacan, Zambales. The only sounds you hear are the lapping of the waves as they hit the shore. The house is still, waiting for everyone else to rise and shine.

Last night, before bed I put myself to sleep listening to selections of traditional Argentine tango music. A treat from my teacher, to help my musicality and lead me further into the heart and mind of tango.

Yesterday, as a treat before a working weekend, we had a quick tango tutorial at Savanah. An hour and a half of abrazo, the delightful yet taxing embrace of tango. As in everything about tango, you let the abrazo sweep you into the rhythm and romance of the dance. As in everything about tango, you feel it or you fail it.

The rest of the week has been work and dance, work and dance, oh what a life I have. So today, I am gifted with a quiet Sunday for tomorrow the dance awaits me again.

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