Friday, January 22, 2010

Stillettos: Heavenly Heels or Killer Shoes?

The shoe of choice for tango addicts is the stilletto. Killer heels, fit for a killer of a dance.

Higher than normal, thinner than thin at the heel, sexy, sleek, slinky.

Mine arrived today, well the first batch at least. Ordered online from Guaranteed Fit. com, the brand that delighted my feet last night was VidaMia. Adjustable, so so so comfortable, and stilletto too.

Black with buckles, which were adjustable, making it easy to fit with comfort, and dance with ease despite the killer heels.

After a few false starts, and some difficulty in gliding on the floor, the shoes were working fine. And the leader tested my endurance and my dexterity in those stilettos.

For the first time, I did the bolkada, in stilettos. The threat was that we would not go home that night if I did not do it right. After three hours, I had done a lot, and had finally met my leader's standards.

And then he changed the game, again. Everything I knew and had learned, he turned around. The deal was, unlearn and relearn. Testing my ability to follow, to let the leader do the job of letting the music come to life, in the steps and in the figures that our duet evoked on the dance floor.

I must admit, the stilettos were such a joy to wear. VidaMia you are heavenly. Never mind if the higher than high heels could kill your feet.

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